the project

The 3Ship Oesterreichischer Lloyd Cruises project envisages the purchase of a flotilla of 3 catamarans in 2024. This will be used from 2025 after completion of the first three ships. Further flotillas are being planned.


The cruises, which are planned until 2050 and can already be booked by ship for 10 guests each, will take you to the most beautiful islands and bays in the world. In 17 main destinations, the focus of possible sporting activities is e.g. diving, snorkeling or kiting or surfing as well as exploratory trips by bike for at least one week. Getting to know the culture and people in the travel regions on an equal footing is of course part of the program.


Carl von Carlowitz: 310 years ago, the Saxon forester coined the term sustainability; that’s why all ships sail under his name. The ships themselves use wind and solar energy and are made of sustainable materials. Cooking is done with regional products. Everything on board follows the principle of CO2 neutrality. The crew supports local sustainability projects in the ports of destination and leaves no „waste“ behind.


State-of-the-art environmental, power generation and storage technology as well as IT innovations such as Web 3.0 avatars for anything and everything on the ships are part of the equipment and logistics concept. Sustainable technical innovations in the future will be considered in the construction of further ships.


3Ship Oesterreichischer Lloyd Cruises Ltd. is the initiator of the ships. The flotilla is owned by MMC 1 Cruises Ltd. The company is based in Limassol, Cyprus, its home port. The ships are chartered to MMC e.V. The trips can now be booked through selected travel agencies and later also through the World Diving Instructors Association PADI. The responsible tour operator is Ayurveda & Tourism Consulting, Starnberg.


3Ship Oesterreichischer Lloyd Cruises is primarily about a sustainable project in which investors are sought for the flotilla with three ships within the framework of „private placements“.