reasons to travel

What is the problem of today’s cruise industry?

The word industry already describes it: soulless, mass tourism, harmful environmental consequences, especially for the destinations visited.

What are the most serious environmental violations?

The biggest problem is the high number of travelers in one place (ship, port, islands). This results not only in capacity problems for Venice or enchanting South Sea islands, but also tangible environmental sins, e.g.: feces have to be dumped. Each of these ocean liners has a daily material requirement of up to four containers; they are delivered by heavy fuel oil-powered container ships. The guests can hardly engage intensively with the cultures and people they have visited and occupy themselves and there is no significant added value in the areas visited.

3Ship Oesterreichischer Lloyd Cruises, on the other hand, is pursuing what is the basic idea?

Thinking sustainably means thinking through to the end and breaking everything down into small scales: sustainable, safe, and not without comfort. The flotilla, with a maximum of 30 guests and three ships, which are also diving centers, always sails together. This results in synergy effects, as only one technician, one professional at the stove, one diving instructor in and one kite coach are needed per flotilla. 3Ship Oesterreichischer Lloyd Cruises arrives in each of the 17 main destinations 20 degrees north and south of the equator as a friend and traveler, not as a consuming vacationer. All water sports offerings are sustainable and have qualified instructors. All employees are on a par with the travelers and are highly trained. They are properly remunerated (equal pay). All offered food and drinks are regional and seasonal and freshly prepared.

What can passengers expect on the ships?

Ships equipped with the latest and sustainable technology, which are safely brought to the most beautiful areas of the world by a highly qualified crew on fixed routes. On site, guests can then immerse themselves in the culture without missing beloved sustainable sports or the touch of comfort.

Each ship is also a dive center and certified by the World Diving Instructors Association PADI. In addition to snorkeling, kiting or SUP (stand-up paddling) or foiling, diving is the supreme discipline among sustainable water sports. The dive guides are trained in Cyprus, especially in matters of marine and species conservation. The flotilla has a depression chamber just in case.

How does 3Ship Oesterreichischer Lloyd Cruises achieve complete CO2 neutrality? All CO2 footprints (ships, clothing, materials) are offset by CO2-binding projects in the areas visited by setting the course for three purposes. This is ensured by the MMC e.V. association, to which the ships are chartered, together with the local agencies. On the other hand, investments are being made in various projects such as the production of green methanol to minimize the CO2 footprint of the energy demand on board. MMC e.V. (Tettnang) has developed a certificate for sustainable ships and sports facilities. In cooperation with PADI, a team of professionals not only audits cruise ships and diving centers.