A key player (the Charterer) in this project is MMC e.V. („Modern water sports Mean sustainable Cruises“), founded in 2019, the registered office of the association is Kirschensteige 17, 88069 Tettnang

The MMC e.V. acts as the charterer of the ships (monthly fixed charter rate) with the overarching purpose of the association promoting sustainable tourism, especially sustainable cruise and diving tourism.

The aim is not only to create sustainability standards for cruises, but also to support sustainable MMC e.V. cruises that implement these sustainability standards in practice. In particular, by:

  • Avoidance of CO2 emissions through waste avoidance, regional purchasing, and the greatest possible use of renewable energies (especially wind and solar power).
  • Ensuring social and cultural compatibility through appropriate guidelines for action in the destinations.
  • Adherence to increased CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) standards for members who are deployed on the MMC e.V. cruises.
  • Ensuring the CO2 neutrality of MMC e.V. cruises by offsetting CO2 emissions by investing in global projects that bind CO2.
  • Education and training of MMC e.V. association members.
  • Consultancy as well as training and further education of cooperation partners.
  • Lectures and events with the aim of raising nature, culture and environmental awareness in tourism.
  • Operational cooperation with national and international tourism organizations.

The MMC e.V. thus plays a key role in the overall project, in that it is responsible for the field of tourism and in particular the marketing and thus utilization of the ships as an association and charters the ships for this purpose.

The ships ordered by 3Ship Oesterreichischer Lloyd Cruises Ltd. will be held by the holding company MMC 1 Cruises Ltd. and will be offered to investors for participation.