Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. Emissions of greenhouse gases and their concentration in the atmosphere are constantly increasing. The so-called CO2 footprint – or carbon footprint – is a common term for determining the greenhouse gas emissions of a product, a process, or a company. „Mission Zero“ is already the title of numerous projects that pursue the goal of leaving as little environmentally harmful footprint as possible in our actions. Sustainability is the order of the day that our society must face up to in all areas.

In the following, „3Ship Oesterreichischer Lloyd Cruises“ is described as a project that is intended to help cruise shipping become more sustainable. Oesterreichische Lloyd, with its many years of history and experience as an experienced shipping company, is leading the project as a co-initiator.

The aim is to initiate an economically viable lighthouse project for tourism, cruises, and shipping in general. The great form of travelling by ship will be modified, considering many aspects: the use naturally available propulsion energy, technical innovations for more sustainable operation, protection of marine flora and fauna, consideration for the regional specificities in target regions, equal rights, and the right to succeed of all those involved in the project.

The ships presented here should be seen all over the world and find imitators for the fact that you can implement much more. This project exemplifies sustainability, safety, and superior comfort (as a synonym for luxury) in unison for the benefit of all, with the conclusion:

It works!

This is precisely why the “3Ship Oesterreichischer Lloyd Cruises” project is aimed at supporters who want to support a lighthouse project in sustainable tourism with their investment.