3Ship.cruises Crowdfunding

Do you want to participate in the realization of our projects? Purchase our NFT - "MMC.cruises Security" now! We have created the NFT especially for profit participation. These NFT are traded in euros not in a cryptocurrency.
  • "From 4 make 5 "Acquire 4 NFT at 1000 euros each and get another NFT for free.
  • On the occasion of the ship launches, a raffle takes place among the respective NFT holders.
  • With 10 tokens (at 1000€ each) in the wallet can be won 10 times a cabin for a week,
  • with 100 tokens (at 1000€ each) there is a whole ship for a week.
  • Owners of 1,000 tokens (at 1000€ each) MMC.cruises NFT can look forward to the entire flotilla for a week if they win a ticket.

  • NFT (MMC.cruises Wertpapier)

    The MMC.cruises-NFT (WEB3.0 share), each worth 1,000 euros, show sailing ship motifs by Maritim photographer Tobias Stoerkle. They can be purchased now in the presale. All tokens are written on the Ethereum blockchain and entitle the holder to participate in our surpluses. How the dividends develop, clarify the following charts of the return on investment:

    In the bad case

    In the middle case

    In the good case

    In the best case

    MMC Ltd. I-XXXII, based in Limassol/Cyprus, are the future owners of the four fleets to be completed by 2032, each with 8 flotillas of 3 ships each, with then a total of 96 cruising catamarans under sail. All ships will carry the name of the founder of sustainability "Carl von Carlowitz" (1645-1714) from Saxony across the oceans.

  • Crowdfunding (3Ship.cruises NFT)

    To finance our projects at 3Ship.cruises, which are all oriented towards sustainable issues, we have launched our crowdfunding. Become part of our projects and purchase an NFT worth 1,250 euros, priced at 1,000 euros in the crowdfunding pre-sale. Even after the pre-sale, the euro will remain our trading currency.